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Diffusion Pump and Accessories 
The most effective method to achieve high speed pumping below ONE micron. The Transco diffusion pump is a borosillicate glass body complete with heater, mantle, and mounting hardware. A 50cc bottle of phenyl siloxane (Invoil 705) is included. Transco currently offers two models: 
A. 98040- Universal model uses "O" ring threaded connectors to allow lead glass to borosillicate glass connection. 
B. 96170- Custom model uses KF flanges, Teflon® hoses, and mechanical clamps for a more vacuum-tight installation.
Part #
Model / Description
Diffusion Pump Assembly-Compression (110v)
Invoil 705 diffusion pump oil. (50cc bottle)
Diffusion Pump Assembly-KF flanges (110v)
Diffusion Pump Assembly-KF flanges (220v)
Diffusion Pump -KF- Glass Only
Diffusion Pump - Compression - Glass Only
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